...and by islands I mean paragraphs

Here is a website. Click on it. You’ll find yourself sat in front of a giant pirate treasure map with absolutely no clue as to what it is or how to use it. Scroll around a bit and you’ll see islands of text floating in the open ocean and clicking the landmass next to it, the text will change.

Is this a story? Or is it just a tech demo? I sort of refuse to learn anything more about it because then the mystery of this little website will disappear and I simply adore that. I have no idea who made this, besides “J. R. Carpenter” in the opening text, and there’s no retweet button, no desperate links to reblog it.

It’s almost like this website didn’t want me to find it at all. And today, in what feels like a world wide web filled with shouting noises and high pitched squeals for attention, this is most certainly a wondrous thing. The sheer confidence of that is somewhat inspirational to me.

But! As much as I like the feeling of this website (a giant map unfurled on a table, almost encouraging you to get in close and hunt for clues), I feel like this thing is far too weird for me. Instead, I want to find a story here. I want this to be a text-adventure-murder-mystery-treasure-hunting videogame.

This unfurled map is the absolute perfect format for a game. And I want to steal it for myself.