All the things a blog post can be

Saccharine, careless, melancholic, naive, questioning, questionable, dashing, daring, and vengeful. Inquisitive. Soaring! Doubtful, distrustful, apprehensive, hesitant, unready, unabridged, undecided, unwavering. Woeful. Well-researched, well-footnoted, easy-going, mild-tempered, soft-spoken, youthful, vigorous. Pretentious, charming, upbeat, offbeat, off-kilter, on-message, downtrodden, grief-stricken, middling, sore and sullen. Embarrassing, exultant, blush-inducing, cringe-inducing, romantic, over-thinking, under-thinking, unstoppable whilst somehow particular, peculiar, promising, pompous, and precise at the same time.