One Thousand Days in America

I’m moving to San Francisco. After months of waiting, hoping, with fingers-crossed, the stars in the constellation of American bureaucracy aligned themselves this morning as I stood in the queue at the U.S. Embassy in London. But there was no certificate or handshake once my visa was approved, there were no balloons, and there was certainly not any triumphant, patriotic music to celebrate the affair.

However, the peculiarities of the visa process has done little to stifle my excitement, as for the next three years I'll be exploring the West coast from my new home. It’s here that I’ll be working with the excellent design team at Gusto, and I simply can’t wait to get started.


In late 2015 I applied to the Designer Fund’s Bridge program. This rather helpfully connects designers with startups, and it was their team that got me in contact with Gusto. Unfortunately, I missed all the workshops and activities thanks to the prolonged visa process, but if you happen to be thinking about applying to the Bridge program this year then I can only recommend it—the team has been wonderfully helpful and kind.

During my first thousand days in San Francisco I want to sneak into the blossoming typography community and beef up my design and programming skills. I’ll continue to share what I’m learning about on my blog and I’ll be selling my motorcycle for something else so that I can explore California and the Pacific Northwest in style, be it star gazing or riding around the California Incline.