A New Thing

Today I fixed a few bugs and updated the colors and spacing; the little things, stuff no-one will notice. But dang, it feels so very good to tweak my website and watch 12 hours straight of The Lord of the Rings. It shakes off the cobwebs, awakes something dormant, reminds me that websites don’t require a review or anyone’s permission to do cool and weird stuff.

Speaking of which, I’ve started a new thing: for 2022 and beyond I’ll be writing a newsletter. The All Encompassing Newsletter. The Omni-Newsletter. The Newsletter of Newsletters. You can subscribe below and from here on out this will be the main thing. It’s where I’ll write about CSS and typography and whatever else is floating about in my noggin’ that week.

Don’t fret—things won’t change here. I still want my blog to be a place where I can be sad and happy and flawed, with unedited and sometimes clunky writing that I regret. Instead, this newsletter will be a bit more polished, a bit more official and hopeful and kind.

Although, I’m not sure what I’ll write yet. I want to give it a few weeks and try things out before settling in, so it might be extremely bumpy at the beginning. But the exciting part of all this is that I get to push my writing in a different direction.

So: a new year, a new format, a new thing.