A lot of stuff is just fine.

Chris makes a really good point in his reply to my post, especially where he says that websites are fine out of the box:

What’s extra fricked about all this is that you really gotta try to screw up a website as much as we do. Pick a theme on WordPress.com and spin up a simple blog. Do an eCommerce thing on SquareSpace and sell painted pencil erasers. Use an Astro template to build your next media endeavor. They will be very much fine out of the box. Better than fine. Pretty damn decent, really. They get not-fine when we’re like… you know what this article needs? A sticky position ad for Geico right in the middle of it. And if they scroll past that, hit ’em with the newsletter subscribe modal. Anything to keep them from reading the next paragraph or even having any confidence there is a next paragraph to be found.

Squarespace, WordPress, Ghost—these are great examples where you can’t really pick anything wrong and get a bad website out of it.