Type Journal

The other day I stumbled upon Type Journal, a website “de­voted to type design, visu­al cul­ture and ty­po­graphy in the Rus­si­an-speak­ing world,” and this year they collected ten of their favorite Cyrillic typefaces, bundling them all up into a lovely little microsite:

After scanning the site for approximately 0.006 seconds I immediately fell head over heels for Casus Pro by Eugene Yukechev, a gorgeous serif that seems just as useful and beautiful at larger sizes as it is smaller ones. It sort of reminds me of a more reserved Eames as each letter appears refined and stately, punctual even. These lively characters look like they aren’t really down to party (they most certainly do not listen to EDM) but only because they’re all too busy being effortlessly reliable at work and at home:

Likewise, Trola by Jordi Embodas is another upstanding serif that caught my eye in this collection. But wait! Look at these italics! They’re particularly delightful since each letter squidges together and holds on tight to their neighbor, instead of leaning off to the right like so many other type families in this style:

You can see these charming italics much more clearly in a paragraph of text and so please, for the love of all that is holy and typographic, zoooooooom:

Of course there’s a lot more to look out for in this collection but I’ll let you find those treasures for yourself.