Good is better than perfect

I love this sentiment from Violet Peña on getting her own blog off the ground:

[...] here I am, ten months later, with a still-flawed but productive site, a site which lets me express myself, spread knowledge, and hone my writing skills. It's not perfect. But, perfections included, it's exactly right for me.

Violet writes about not liking her original website’s design and how she criticized her typographic styles until it prevented her from writing. And I guess the thing to remember here is that we should always be constantly improving our blogs, bit by bit.

There’s a ton of stuff on this website right here that I don’t like but I know I’ve learnt that I can fix at some point in the future – although it took me so long to learn to stop being a perfectionist on this topic. It’s vital that we remind ourselves that a blog is not a product.

And that’s why I don’t think we should really ever redesign our blogs. Instead we should just perpetually be designing them, building on top of them, tweaking them towards something better all the time.