I’m Robin, a web designer from the UK, and this is where I sometimes write about typography and letter-making.

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For the past six months I’ve been taking a good look at how designers and developers communicate with one another, jotting down the problems as I go. The systems that have cropped up in between are fascinating but I believe they could be better if we examine our use of language.

The directories, files and partials, as well as all of the code and documentation that makes up our front-end development system, is an interface. It’s high time we started thinking about its usability – for the sake of developers and users alike.

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Working in Tails to remain anonymous while I developed the site, however, meant that this would be trickier than the web development I’d done in the past. I didn’t have access to the latest browsers I was used to, and I didn’t dare test the mobile version of the site on my smartphone. I also had concern that my coding style might betray my identity: my code for this project used similar commenting and naming conversions as other code I’d written in the past. Trying to develop software without your personal coding style is like trying to write an essay using someone else’s voice. I was also concerned that the visual designs I was creating could be compared to my work in the past.